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Use the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform with Oracle Cloud

The Nuage Networks from Nokia Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is now supported with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can use the Nuage Networks VSP as a virtual overlay network platform for all your existing virtual and physical server and network resources. It provides secure Layer 2 and Layer 3 access, giving you connectivity from user applications into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Nuage Networks VSP is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that provides data center and cloud network virtualization. It automatically provides connectivity between compute resources. Nuage Networks uses a quick Open vSwitch replacement on top of the bare metal servers within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to connect the Nuage Networks Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS) to the controller. Designed for large enterprises and service providers, it supports clouds of all sizes and architectures, from data center private clouds to large enterprise wide area networks (WANs) and some of the largest public clouds in the world.

This open SDN and SD-WAN platform helps you avoid vendor lock-in. After the VRS is connected to the control plane (VSC), and control plane and data plane (infrastructure) connectivity is established via an IPSec virtual private network (VPN) tunnel, the rest is defined within the cloud-based solution. Read the full blog on


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