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What’s up with the datacentre network?

We are in the midst of a transition in IT. Over the last couple of years the cloud has morphed from a disruptive technology on the periphery of IT into the mainstream.

Business competitive advantage these days is dictated by swiftness and agility, increasingly around business-driven applications that attain this advantage in the marketplace. This new edge is being pushed hard by enterprises that are adopting web-scale capabilities through software, drawing them into their inherent business products and practices.

Due to globalisation and geographic isolation, this is even more vital in Australia, with Australian-based business competing in a global business market. No longer viewed as new and innovative, ‘Cloud IT’ is mandatory for enterprises around Australia, as they keep pace with the global marketplace in today’s digital economy. According to IDC’s “Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) 2015 Top 10 ICT Predictions,” unlike the worldwide outlook, IT spending growth in Australia and New Zealand will increase in 2015 and then grow even more to 2.8 per cent in 2016. This means your immediate competitors are investing in their competitive business advantage, and you should too.

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This blog post was featured in the Business Spectator.


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