Leverage our software-defined networking for your private clouds, datacenter networking, secure sites and more

A move to the cloud is a complex challenge for enterprises. It can be difficult to migrate applications and infrastructure from multiple platforms to a virtualized environment and new cloud management stacks. A centralized, policy-based solution can’t work in IT silos.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) unifies cloud networking and SDN across hardware, virtualization platforms (such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Docker containers and Linux KVM), and cloud management software (such as OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware). It consolidates your datacenter and WAN infrastructure under one policy-based platform. And it provides an open, vendor-neutral environment that gives you flexibility and choice well into the future.

Discover proven use cases and business drivers of our SDN platform for enterprises. Our platform helps you accelerate IT automation so you can quickly align with business requirements and gain the agility to deploy services on demand.

Enterprise private cloud

Provide the efficiency of the cloud on-premises using any cloud automation platform.

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Software-defined security

Use microsegmentation and security policy automation to implement a zero-trust security model (as advocated by Forrester Research).

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Drive down networking and operational costs by extending policy automation across the WAN to branches and remote sites.

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Enterprise vertical industries

Nuage Networks has crafted repeatable successes in many vertical industries. Profiles of these successes by vertical are listed in this section. While your vertical may not be listed, it is very likely that one of these profiles is relevant to you.