Turbocharge your network with SDN to deliver time-sensitive data, news and analytics

The Challenge

Your company success is driven by how quickly you can get time-sensitive information into the hands of subscribers, regardless of their location. News breaks quickly and demand can swamp your ability to get information published.

Media companies have unique challenges that are not being met by legacy networking approaches:

  • Content is increasingly contributed by outside sources that need to be quickly authenticated and secured.

  • Often, multiple divisions have their own networking structures that must be separately secured.

  • The number of physical locations is typically very high.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Media

Provide unconstrained datacenter networking for time-sensitive media content

Nuage Networks VSP removes the artificial boundaries that exist in today’s datacenters and WAN. By virtualizing network paths, the instant a new application is deployed both the datacenter network and WAN are configured to provide subscribers access to the media content, based on your pre-established policies.

Consolidate new datacenters and locations easily

Since Nuage Networks VSP acts as an overlay and supports all IP-based networking gear, new datacenters and locations can easily be consolidated into a coherent, unified SDN network.

Improve security and streamline network auditing with centralized control

Nuage Network VSP’s policy engine provides a centralized repository for securing the distribution of your media across the network. This ensures your media access policies are enforced on the network at all times and provides a single point to validate and audit adherence to your established policies.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is built to master the complexity of the business’s organization and the network. With our SDN capabilities, a unified internal cloud can be built from independently-managed private clouds. This approach enables the best of both worlds — centralized control for company-wide policies such as security and decentralized control for organization-specific policies such as authorized contributors.

Our products close the gap between the network and your cloud-based media applications by transforming the way that media networks operate. As more media servers are spun up in response to demand, the Software Defined Network automatically flexes to provide the right network resource levels. Information security rules are implemented from a centralized management system to ensure the integrity and security of your media content.

Proof Positive

A news publisher improves security and unifies management across private clouds

A leading international business and financial news publisher has over 3,000 developers working at over 100 sites, serving 192 countries. Multiple private clouds were being discretely managed due to a number of factors, including different trust models. Leveraging Nuage Networks Software Defined Networking products, the publisher built a unifying network management cloud that securely communicates among public and private clouds both within and among datacenters. The unified management cloud supports different trust models, enables secure app-to-app communication, and delivers policy automation efficiencies.

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