SD-WAN 2.0 for Enterprise Networks

Drive your Multicloud strategy and empower your IT with flexibility, scale, and security

Transform your network with Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) into an intelligent and automated infrastructure that increases scalability, service agility, and decreases operational complexity and cost. With VNS in place, you can benefit from SD-WAN 2.0 to transcend WAN connectivity alone and enable IT services across all parts of the network. With SD-WAN 2.0 you will be empowered to:

  • enable your multicloud strategy with no restrictions
  • scale your network to accommodate the new era of micro-services and IoT driven business applications
  • secure your entire network from within
  • facilitate the virtualization of your branches

The new enterprise challenges in the cloud era

The multicloud

Business applications are changing rapidly, and the workloads that serve them have moved beyond private data centers. Compute resources and associated cloud services are exploding, and traditional enterprise network boundaries have expanded into the public cloud, branch locations, and intelligent edges. You need a single end to end SD-WAN solution that provides a flexible multicloud strategy to address this new reality.

The scaling

The scaling requirements in this new era of cloud automation are staggering. Thousands of applications, hundreds of locations, a multitude of cloud services and distributed compute, serving mobile users, IoT-enabled people and things will create a scaling issue that needs to be addressed. You need an SD-WAN solution that is built for this level of scale.

The security

The era of cloud-based architectures is upon us and traditional security measures are not enough to protect your network from end to end within its perimeter. The massive volume and “ephemeral” nature of today’s applications create a new threat landscape that can infect your network from within laterally and a new set of software-defined security measures need to be implemented.

The branch virtualization

The sprawl of dedicated branch devices to support network functions like L7 FW, WAN optimization, IPS/IDS, etc. is operationally difficult to manage and in the era of virtualization, enterprises are moving toward hosting these functions as a VNF on a uCPE. The right SD-WAN solution can provide a holistic approach to securely managing the connectivity of these VNFs and uCPEs across all locations using centralized policies.

How SD-WAN 2.0 solves these challenges

Seamlessly connect your clouds

SD-WAN 2.0 provides a seamless end-to-end “overlay” network or abstracted forwarding plane that can intelligently interconnect private data centers (DCs), SaaS clouds, public clouds, and branch locations from a single governance model. This end-to-end overlay depends on having a seamless underlay transport network beneath it, which may consist of various diverse transport segments like IP/MPLS links, internet broadband, or even mobile transport options like 3G.

Massive scale with consistent performance

SD-WAN 2.0 is built from the ground up using the Service Router Operating System (SR OS). SR OS is proven worldwide as the world’s leading service routing OS and when leveraged for SD-WAN it will scale and grow enterprise networks without performance degradations. SD-WAN 2.0 provides massive scale in the dimensions of branches, L2 and L3 VPN tunnels, and application support.

Secure your network infrastructure

With SD-WAN 2.0, IT managers will benefit from a single network governance model to program software defined security policies that span private data centers (DC), public clouds, and branch locations. Leverage real-time application traffic flow visibility, apply comprehensive end-to-end micro-segmentation and support for third-party security functions, program dynamic threat responses to proactively ward off security threats before they happen.

Virtualize your network

With SD-WAN 2.0, IT managers can leverage the same infrastructure and governance model to host and manage third party VNFs on Nuage Networks Network Services Gateway family of uCPE devices. Leveraging service chaining techniques the network can be programmed to ensure that each application packet flow receives the precise service treatment it needs to optimize network performance and application SLAs.

From zero to hero with SD-WAN

See John implement an SD-WAN in minutes, easily bringing cloud networking to a branch location. With Nuage Networks VNS, policy-driven network automation is your secret weapon.

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