Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Drive down wide area networking and branch office IT tasks with centralized, policy-based automation

Software-defined networking (SDN) increased enterprise IT agility with policy-based automation for the cloud. The Nuage Networks software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution brings the same agility and flexibility to the enterprise wide area network.

Our SD-WAN solution can help you drive down WAN costs. It automates efficient path selection and accelerates deployment times for new sites, as well as network and security policy upgrades.

We are the only vendor that lets you use the same SDN policy controller across the datacenter and WAN. With one solution that spans both environments, you can save on infrastructure costs and reduce your learning curve.

Many enterprises still connect WAN sites through expensive, proprietary routing platforms. We help you take costs lower with flexible branch-side gateway solutions. For example, you can deploy our software gateways on low-cost commodity PC hardware or leverage cell phone (LTE, 3G) connectivity for mobile users and temporary sites.

From zero to hero with SD-WAN

See John implement an SD-WAN in minutes, easily bringing cloud networking to a branch location. With Nuage Networks VNS, policy-driven network automation is your secret weapon.

Be the Hero

Why should I change my wide area network?

Today, the wide area network is complex. Speed has increased over the years, but tools to help you manage this essential service have not evolved much.

  • Changes must be rigorously managed, which slows responsiveness.
  • It takes a long time to commission new sites.
  • The security framework around the WAN is cumbersome.

Many remote locations are serviced by multiple devices. The router is augmented by a firewall. A WAN accelerator squeezes every last drop of bandwidth out of a scarce resource. Each device adds a layer of complexity for network managers. And increased complexity decreases the network’s responsiveness.

With SD-WAN, there’s a new way to deploy wide area networking that:

  • Simplifies the overall network
  • Reduces the number and complexity of the devices you install at the branch
  • Gives you the freedom to choose who provides the bandwidth to branches on a location-by-location basis

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) is an SD-WAN solution that offers wide area networking on your terms.

Secure data — whatever the connectivity link

Reduced operational complexity

Faster & easier moves, adds and changes

Why should I choose a VNS-powered SD-WAN?

Automate site additions with a centralized policy manager

Nuage Networks helps you add remote branches in three simple steps:

  1. Complete basic information on the location and branch type.
  2. Select the functionality to be deployed from a template of networking and security policies.
  3. Ship the branch hardware to the site.

The branch hardware — we call it the Network Services Gateway (NSG) — is based on the same x86 hardware that you have in your datacenter. When you connect the NSG to your network, it calls home to the policy engine and downloads a pre-defined, location-based configuration.

Nuage Networks VNS even verifies the personnel doing the install for you with its comprehensive two-factor authentication system. It’s so simple branch staff can do it — no need for highly trained networking personnel.

Reduce WAN complexity with automated centralized control

Traditionally the network architecture of the WAN has been a complex set of distributed intelligence that you need to manage and document. Nuage Networks VNS provides centralized control of IP routing, Layer 2 forwarding (VLANs) and security profiles (ACLs and firewall rules). The branch equipment becomes a single touchpoint, with a centrally controlled location specific profile.

Increase data security across the wide area network

Nuage Networks VNS increases the microsegmentation of security within and across the WAN environment. Rather than having physical firewall appliances at each site providing security and/or encryption, it embeds this functionality directly into network flows. Data and location security are centrally controlled and pushed to the branch as a core function of the connectivity service.

If sites require encryption, you simply enable it on the central Nuage Networks VNS manager and instantly the traffic to and from the site is encrypted. The same applies to firewall rules. You select the new rule, the sites to deploy, and push the button.

Streamline day-to-day operations and facilitate upgrading

With Nuage Networks VNS the hardware platform at the branch and the wide area service are split. The hardware is based on the same open compute x86 devices you use in your datacenters today. You can choose to use the Nuage Networks NSG platform or deploy the software on any x86-based compute you have at the branch.

Increase bandwidth efficiency and availability

The single highest ongoing cost in the wide area is bandwidth. Nuage Networks VNS lets you augment that bandwidth with any connectivity available at the location. You can use the centralized policy manager to direct business-critical traffic to a premium circuit and securely offload bursty, non-critical traffic to another link, including the internet.

Does your business use high-definition video conferencing? You can avoid both high cost bandwidth and the need to swap your existing branch routers. The NSG can be dropped inline and configured via the central policy manager. You can then immediately offload and encrypt the video-conferencing traffic to the lower cost/higher bandwidth path.

Nuage Networks VNS can use alternative bandwidth options at the branch to improve its connection to your central IT environment. You can augment your primary branch connection with alternatives such as the internet or mobile broadband. VNS can also automatically invoke a backup circuit and reroute your branch back into the corporate network in the event of a connection failure.

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SD-WAN technologies open up a new dynamic and agile wide area networking environment. With Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services you can deliver an SD-WAN-powered network across your whole business.

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