Virtualized Network Services

The Cloud Network Unbound: Automating Network Services

Nuage Networks™ leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) to create solutions that unleash the power of the cloud. With Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS), your remote locations can be seamlessly connected with the datacenter —without the need for expensive and cumbersome proprietary hardware.

Today, there is little cohesion within the networking environment that supports your business:

  • The datacenter has its own networking environment, where it drives the placement and responsiveness of business applications.
  • The wide area network provides connectivity between the datacenter and remote locations.

To experience the full power of the cloud, you need seamless connectivity that’s flexible and dynamic across both domains.

From Zero to Hero with SD-WAN

Check out how John implements an SD-WAN in minutes, easily bringing cloud networking to a branch location. And then make Nuage Networks VNS solution’s policy-driven network automation your secret weapon.

Be the Hero

Build cloud speed connectivity between your datacenters and branch offices

Traditionally, the network services you purchase from a service provider are tightly connected to a dedicated network infrastructure. You are often forced into the complex world of customized branch networking to adapt these services to your needs. Even then, the solutions available aren’t optimized for the cloud – where everything happens in seconds. Nuage Networks VNS is a fresh approach to wide area networking. It seamlessly links your enterprise locations regardless of size or geography while reducing the requirement for customized networking.

Nuage Networks VNS is based on an overlay model that uses any IP network to provide connectivity between sites. This gives you maximum flexibility and the support of multiple access/last-mile technologies including copper, fiber or mobile broadband. You can mix and match available networks from multiple providers and use any available access technologies.

Nuage Networks VNS Components

Vitualized Services Directory (VSD)

The centralized policy engine, which defines, deploys and enforces the overall Nuage Networks VNS solution's capability and delivers advanced service capabilities via a Network Functions Store.

Virtualized Services Controller (VSC)

The network controller programs the customer premises equipment with the network overlay paths to form the topology for Nuage Networks VNS.

Network Services Gateway (NSG)

The gateway provides service demarcation and network functionality at the branch, based on the x86 COTS hardware.

NSG-P: Physical Network Services Gateway (Nuage Networks provided x86 hardware)
NSG-V: Virtualized Network Services Gateway (customer provided x86 server).

Bankable business benefits

With Nuage Networks VNS, you benefit from cost savings and efficiency advantages. You can build a network that is both customized and responsive to your enterprise’s unique needs, without incurring the costs and complexities of a customized network.

Extensive reach

With all the network features built into Nuage Networks VNS, the underlying IP network provides only connectivity and bandwidth. You can choose your IP service from whichever provider can best address the specific needs of your locations, whether those locations are local, national or even global. You can also mix and match services as required so each location — and each application — gets exactly the level of service it needs. For example, premium private cloud services can be used for mission-critical applications and encrypted Internet links for high volume non-mission-critical applications such as video conferencing.

Self-service portal puts you in the driver’s seat

You have complete control of your enterprise’s service without the overhead of a large and highly skilled network team. This empowerment is delivered through the functionality of the central policy engine, the Virtualized Services Directory. Through the self-serve portal you can make any change to the overall service, any location-specific changes, and changes to add or remove sites.

No vendor lock-in

The software images for Nuage Networks VNS are developed to run on the widest range of x86-based hardware platforms to drive maximum utilization of available compute and memory resources. The service capability is independent of the brand and model of your deployed customer premises equipment. With the choice of x86 form-factor and manufacturer open to a competitive procurement model, you have complete flexibility in the supply chain.