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The Nuage Networks eXperience (Nuage X) lets you deploy a hosted Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) instance in seconds and use it to build, test and integrate new applications and services.

Nuage X gives you access to a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that combines the best of open source, automation, security, scale and performance. With Nuage Networks VSP, you can connect any workload (containers, bare metal, virtual machines) from anywhere (on-premises or in the cloud) over any infrastructure. You can also connect with a large ecosystem of SDN partners.

Nuage Networks has decades of experience building massive networks that help IT organizations address their most important challenges. We want to work with you to help them address the challenges of the future. Let’s build something amazing together.

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Nuage X lets you deploy a public instance of the management and control planes of Nuage Networks VSP. You can then add hosts to the platform from anywhere and deploy workloads for testing and development purposes.

Nuage is open to anyone. You can use it to test Nuage Networks VSP, leverage our open-source SDK (VSPK) to build automation tools, or complete integrations with the Nuage Networks VSP.

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You can get started with three easy steps:

  1. Sign up and log in. We’ll confirm your registration.
  2. Deploy a hosted Nuage Networks VSP instance and use our automated script to attach your hosts.
  3. Run your workloads and start working.

We’ll give you the help and tools you need to make the most of Nuage X.

"The real value of SDN comes from the integration between the programmable network and external applications. Attracting software developers to an SDN platform means providing the tools, including APIs, SDKs, documentation and a sandbox that they can easily use to develop and test their integration. Nuage Networks eXperience provides the services necessary for partners and customer developers to build and test integration in a continuous and confident way" -- Mike Fratto Research Director, Business Technology for Current Analysis.

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