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My Nuage Networks Lab

Get 24/7 access to Nuage Networks remote labs

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Dedicated, remote access to a Nuage Networks SDN lab environment**. Refer to the diagram below for details of the lab topology.

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Re-visiting and practicing lab exercises from select Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program (NN-VCP) courses you have attended.

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Flexible scheduling. Labs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Labs can be reserved in advance and you can cancel your reservation within 24 hours if your schedule changes.

Practice Using Multiple Use Case Scenarios

Development of hands-on skills and expertise with the Nuage Networks SDN product portfolio using multiple use case scenarios such as:

  • Creating a Layer 2 domain with corresponding virtual machines (VMs)

  • Creating a Layer 3 domain with corresponding subnets and VMs

  • Understanding the operation of an SDN controller

  • Verifying connectivity between VMs in the domain

  • Creating and testing security policies

  • Configuring and testing service chaining policies

  • Configuring and testing QoS and statistics policies

  • Interconnecting VMs to a Layer 3 VPN with the Nokia 7750 Service Router

  • Configuring an enterprise as an administrative user

  • Bare metal integration

My Nuage Networks Lab Topology Diagram

img mynetworks

Topology components consist of six servers including the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Directory (VSD), Virtualized Services Controller (VSC), Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS), Virtual Routing and Switching Gateway (VRS-G), bare metal server, and the Nokia Virtualized Service Router (VSR).

Note, MyNuageNetworksLab is available to anyone – you do not have to be enrolled in the NN-VCP to access a lab.

Lab Pricing & Reservation

Pricing for MyNuageNetworksLab is provided below. Lab sessions are based on three-hour timeslots. For example, if you purchase four lab sessions, you will receive a total of 12 hours of lab access time.

Please note a account is required to access the lab. Click here to create an account on the Nokia Support Portal.


1 lab session in the table below = 3 hours of lab access time

Number of lab sessions Price per session (USD)
1 lab session $40
5 to 10 lab sessions $38
11 to 20 lab sessions $37
21 to 30 lab sessions $35
31 to 100 lab sessions $34
101 to 200 lab sessions $32
201 or more lab sessions $30

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