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Nuage Networks OpenStack Integration

Course Number: TTP36011
Duration: 4 days
Price: $3,125

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Course Overview

This course is designed for IT operators and network administrators responsible for the support and operation of an integrated Nuage Networks/ OpenStack network. It provides an in-depth look at the OpenStack and Nuage Networks Virtual Services Platform (VSP) architecture. Students will install Nuage Networks plug-ins and learn the techniques to
verify the deployment operation. Students will also explore common networking scenarios, including theoretical, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques. Students practice what they learn through several hands-on lab exercises.


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Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the Nuage Virtual Service Platform (VSP) architecture
  • Describe the OpenStack architecture
  • Identify the Nuage Networks extensions to OpenStack Components (Neutron, Horizon, Heat, and Ironic)
  • Map OpenStack resources like router, network, subnet, and port to the Nuage Networks equivalent
  • Describe the OpenStack Neutron ML2 plugin and identify Nuage Networks drivers and service plugins
  • Describe the OpenStack/Nuage Networks integration models
  • Describe OpenStack-managed and VSD-managed workflows in an integrated OpenStack/Nuage Networks solution
  • Identify the benefits of using Nuage Networks with OpenStack
  • Compare OpenStack and Nuage Networks user, roles, and permissions
  • Configure Nuage Networks extensions in an OpenStack deployment
  • Describe the benefit of OpenStack distributed virtual routing (DVR)
  • Explain how Nuage Networks improves upon OpenStack distributed virtual routing

  • Review the OpenStack network and router creation workflows and their instantiation by the Nuage Networks plugin
  • Identify differences between OpenStack security groups and Nuage Networks security policies
  • Use Nuage Networks Architect GUI, OpenStack CLI or Dashboard to create and manage:
    • Basic L2 and L3 networks, OpenStack-managed and VSD-managed
    • OpenStack Security groups and Nuage Networks security policies
    • Access to external networks using SNAT or Floating IP allocation
    • Seamless VXLAN Gateway connectivity
    • Data Center Gateway connectivity using BGP EVPN
    • Nuage Networks Service chaining support in OpenStack
    • Bare Metal Servers (using the Nuage Ironic extension)
    • SRIOV automated attachment in the context of Telco Cloud VNF deployment
  • Describe the Nuage Networks VSP Software Development Kit (VSDK) and the VSP REST API

Course Modules

Module 1 – OpenStack/Nuage Networks Architecture

  • Examine OpenStack/Nuage Networks components
  • Lab – Exploring OpenStack and VSD components

Module 2 – OpenStack/Nuage Networks Deployment

  • Describe the Nuage Networks Plugin and their integration with OpenStack
  • Verify OpenStack/Nuage Networks deployment
  • Lab – Troubleshooting integration issues

Module 3 – OpenStack Private Networks

  • Configure OpenStack networks and Nuage Networks L2 domains
  • Lab – Connect VMs using an OpenStack-Managed L2
  • Configure OpenStack routers and Nuage Networks L3 domains
  • Lab – Connect VMs using an OpenStack-Managed L3

Module 4 – External Networks and Gateways

  • OpenStack Security Groups and Nuage Networks
    Security Policies
  • Lab – Security in VSD-Managed network, security in
    OpenStack-Managed network
  • External Networks Access
    • Data Center Gateway with BGP EVPN support
    • Seamless integration of VXLAN gateway
  • Lab – OpenStack-managed and VSD-Managed VXLAN

    • Local breakout and SNAT to external networks
  • Lab – Local breakout to the underlay and SNAT
    • Floating IP access to external networks
  • Lab – FIP assignment to a VM

Module 5 – Advanced Capabilities

  • Service Chaining
  • Nuage integration with Ironic Bare Metal Server
  • Automated SRIOV orchestration for Telco Cloud VNFs
  • The Nuage REST API and VSPK development toolkit
  • Lab – Rest API and VSPK
  • Nuage integration with OpenStack Heat orchestration
  • Lab – Heat orchestration

Class Schedule and Registration

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