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Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) – Advanced Topics

Course Number: TTP36008
Duration: 4 days
Price: $3,125

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Course Overview

This course is designed for network professionals who need to understand the technology, techniques, and best practices for implementing data center solutions based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) using Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS).

The course provides detailed explanations and practical exercises for advanced VCS features.

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Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe topologies and protocols commonly used in a data center fabric
  • Explain the configuration and use of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on VCS virtual ports
  • Describe and apply different domain linking options
  • List the different options available for virtual machines to route packets into the data center underlay
  • Identify advantages of having VRSes with dual uplinks

  • Describe how to reach external networks by extending a domain to a data center gateway and beyond
  • Explain how policy groups are used to improve the granularity and flexibility of security and forwarding policies
  • Describe how virtual machines can send and receive multicast traffic
  • List and apply the different quality of service capabilities available in VCS
  • Describe how the VSD can directly configure a Nokia 7750 SR using Netconf to extend L2 and L3 domains

Course Modules

Module 1 – VCS Overview

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • SDN in datacenters
  • Nuage Networks product portfolio
  • Review of overlay network concepts
  • Review of the Shared Infrastructure

Module 2 – Datacenter Underlay Design

  • Traditional data center networking
  • Leaf and spine design
  • External connectivity options
  • Routing protocol in the underlay
  • Redundancy

Module 3 – BGP on L3-Domain VPorts

  • Using BGP in a L3-domain to learn external routes
  • Configuration of BGP on a L3-domain virtual port
  • Verification of BGP on the VTEP
    • Lab – BGP on an overlay virtual port

Module 4 – Domain Linking in VCS

  • Hub-and-spoke domain linking
  • Domain linking with service chaining
  • Security policies between linked domains
  • PAT between overlays using floating IP addresses
    • Lab – Domain Linking in VCS

Module 5 – Routing to the Underlay

  • Access to external networks
  • Centralized breakout
  • Hub-and-spoke model
  • Local breakout with and without NAT
  • PAT to the underlay
  • FIP to the underlay
  • VRS and secondary network namespaces
    • Lab – Routing to the Underlay on the VRS

Module 6 – Dual Uplinks on the VRS

  • Usefulness of dual uplinks on the VRS
  • Configuration of a VRS with dual uplink
  • Usage of a VRS with dual uplink
    • Lab – Dual Uplinks on the VRS

Module 7 – Datacenter Gateways

  • Rationale behind the use of DC GWs
  • Different models to extend L2 and L3-domains into the DC GW (L2-domain, L2-domain-IRB, VRF-VXLAN, VRF-GRE)
  • Auto discovery of the DC GW on the VSD
  • 7750 DC GW provisioning methods (static, static + dynamic, fully dynamic)
  • Service chaining on the 7750 DC GW
    • Lab – Datacenter Gateways

Module 8 – Policy Groups

  • The concept of policy groups
  • Usage restrictions on hardware-based VTEPs
  • Policy group configuration
  • Policy group expressions
    • Lab – Policy Groups

Module 9 – Multicast in the Underlay

  • The need for multicast in the underlay
  • Enabling multicast in the underlay
  • Carrying multicast traffic in the underlay

Module 10 – Quality of Service

  • Quality of service capabilities in VCS
  • Classification of packets on ingress
  • Rate limiting of traffic on ingress
  • Packet marking
    • Lab – VCS Quality of Service

Module 11 – 7750 SR Netconf Integration

  • Using Netconf to configure a 7750 Service Router from the VSD
  • Extend L2 and L3 domains to a 7750 SR used as VXLAN Gateway
  • L3 Domain Aggregation on a 7750 SR with Netconf
    • Lab – Configure a 7750 SR with Netconf from the VSD

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