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SD-WAN and value added services: One size does not fit all

SD-WAN can be used as a platform for delivering enterprise value added services.

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) extends the concept of SDN to enterprise branch connectivity, offering a way of replacing or augmenting traditional enterprise VPN service (such as MPLS or VPLS) with a secure automated connectivity model that can work on any access network (MPLS, Internet, 3G/LTE etc.). With SD-WAN, the policy and network state are programmed into standardised end devices (x86 based CPEs) by a cloud based management and policy plane, to create site to site network overlays. The use cases for SD-WAN include Hybrid WAN (ability to use multiple access networks simultaneously), seamless interconnect to public cloud, Offnet extension services (ability to connect “external” branch sites over internet to “internal” branch locations bonded by L2/L3 VPN) etc.


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