Unlocking SD-WAN 2.0 with Virtualized Network Services

Transforming enterprise networks into a secure, programmable, and unified infrastructure to accelerate and optimize business

Enterprise applications are proliferating and their workloads are rapidly shifting to various private and public clouds. When combined with increased user mobility and advances in IoT and 5G, a significant strain on the network and the teams that deliver them is created. Adoption of a sound, multicloud capability as part of a digital transformation business strategy demands a dynamic, secure, flexible and scalable network that can rapidly adapt to the application needs of an enterprise business.

Virtualized Network Services (VNS) from Nuage Networks was purpose-built from the ground up to address these challenges by offering SD-WAN 2.0

Support multicloud

SD-WAN 2.0 unifies networks with an agile platform that flexibly adapts to any enterprise multicloud environment. A policy-defined network platform that has been architected and optimized for private and public cloud and any-to-any communication.

Scale the network

SD-WAN 2.0 supports massive scale regardless of size and complexity. Thousands of locations, hundreds of applications, 5G enabled users and things, public and private clouds? No problem. SDWAN 2.0 was built from the ground-up to scale for future enterprise business growth.

Secure the network

SD-WAN 2.0 secures users, data, applications and network resources within the network perimeter. Visualize all applications and program software-defined security with automated remedial actions across the entire network.

Virtualize the branch

SD-WAN 2.0 makes the network an open platform that enables enterprises to virtualize the services that they need while providing the management and infrastructure support required.

VNS SD-WAN 2.0 Product Architecture

Virtualized Services Directory

The Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) is a programmable policy and analytics engine. It provides a flexible network policy framework that enables network administration teams to define, apply, and enforce business policies across the network service in a user-friendly manner. The VSD also offers a multi-tenant enterprise portal that enterprise customers can use to visualize, configure, maintain their network.

Virtualized Services Controller

The Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) is the industry’s most powerful SDN controller. It functions as a centralized and robust network control plane for the network services, maintaining a full view of the network and service topologies. Through the VSC, virtual routing and switching constructs are established to program the network-forwarding plane

Network Services Gateway

The Network Services Gateway (NSG) constitutes the network-forwarding plane for VNS. The NSG encapsulates data traffic, enforcing Layer 2 to Layer 4 network policies as well as establishing Layer 2 or Layer 3 overlay VPNs as defined by the VSD. The NSG family also supports built-in Wi-Fi access as well as LTE uplink as well as other inherent built-in advanced services.

What people are saying about our SD-WAN solution

BBVA Digital Bank

“We are excited about this latest innovation from Nuage Networks. Extending SDN network automation capabilities to BBVA cloud regions will allow us to turn up and adapt our network services in a far more timely and efficient way, streamlining operations and improving our agility by automating network connectivity and services in a policy-based fashion that aligns with our business objectives.” – Pascual de Juan, Global head of innovation in technologies, BBVA digital bank

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Anne-Gaëlle Santos, Director of product management and digital transformation at BT, talks about the driving factors behind BT’s transition to SD-WAN, her solution evaluation process and why they chose Nuage Networks as an SD-WAN solution.

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Philippe de Lussy, Founder and Chairman e-Qual discusses the scope and scale of their operations and what drove them to consider SD-WAN technology. You will also learn why Nuage Networks won the selection process against more than a dozen other vendors.

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“The EANTC SD-WAN test covers many aspects of the technology; typically vendors select a subset for which they are best prepared. Nuage Networks in contrast, boldly selected all of them.” – Carsten Rossenhövel, CTO EANTC AG

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Chris Christou, Director of Engineering at Exponential-e, discusses the steps they’ve taken to bring their customers to the cloud and why Nuage Networks SD-WAN was chosen for this journey.

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Cristian López Rallo, the Head of Network Service Evolution for Telefónica Business Solutions, discusses Nuage Networks SD-WAN and how the solution was an ideal choice for their customers.

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Telia Finland

Arto Urataipale, Business Program Lead, Telia Finland, talks about their business and provides an overview of the challenges they have with current business services. Arto will then share why they decided to go with an SD-WAN service based on the Nuage Networks VNS.

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From zero to hero with SD-WAN

See John implement an SD-WAN in minutes, easily bringing cloud networking to a branch location. With Nuage Networks VNS, policy-driven network automation is your secret weapon.

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