Virtualized Services Assurance Platform

Visualizing the virtual: correlating SDN overlays and the physical network

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) illuminates the connections between SDN overlays and the underlying physical IP network infrastructure. By providing this correlation, VSAP makes it possible for Enterprise IT to operationalize their highly dynamic and heterogeneous virtual environments.

Enterprises are expanding their private clouds and extending virtualized networks beyond test and development to multi-datacenter production environments. But their progress is being impeded by a lack of clear and timely correlations between programmable SDN overlays and the physical network underlays.

Operational groups need better IT tools to understand the IP network that supports the multi-tenanted virtual workloads within and across their data centers.

VSAP does exactly that. If a link goes down in the multi-vendor underlay network, VSAP alerts IT Operations. They will know precisely which customers, applications, services or virtual machines are affected, and can quickly take remedial action.

VSAP provides the visibility needed to operationalize virtual networks without sacrificing freedom of choice. That’s the kind of insight that’s sure to give Enterprise IT peace of mind.

Visibility assured

You need relevant, accurate and actionable information about the operational state of your open virtual infrastructure. And that’s what you get with the Virtualized Services Assurance Platform. VSAP builds a full view of your physical network, and correlates virtual network policies and physical topologies for troubleshooting, fault correlation, network monitoring and inventory.

Regardless of your choice of network equipment, hypervisor or cloud management system, VSAP lets you clearly see the interplay of your physical and virtual networking environments. Get a glimpse of how.

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What Analysts Have to Say

“Enterprises building and expanding their clouds are increasingly calling for better visibility and correlation between network overlays and the physical systems that underlay them. Without this tight coupling between overlay and underlay, the ultimate benefits that SDN can bring won’t be attainable. It is good to see Nuage Networks extend the thinking around this important area." - Ben Kepes, Founder and Principal of Diversity Limited.

"Now that private cloud deployments by notable enterprises have become commonplace and have been extended beyond test and development environments, operational requirements for clear multivendor visibility are paramount and timely. Nuage Networks is highlighting and addressing this next key obstacle to the broad adoption of open enterprise clouds with a Virtualized Services Assurance Platform, which correlates virtual network overlays and the physical underlay for timely fault isolation and remediation.” - Ray Mota, CEO, ACG Research

"Nuage provides an SDN overlay solution that nicely stitches the overlay & underlay together and cleanly extends beyond a single data center." - Andrew Lerner, Research Director, Gartner

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"Nuage has developed a very useful management tool in the Virtualized Service Assurance Platform, which introduces some of the checks
and balances of incumbent network infrastructure to the Wild West of the software-defined network."

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