Virtuoso Certification Program Certifications

A description of each certification, the recommended courses and required exams are provided below. The Courses page provides more information on the individual courses.

All written exam requirements must be met before a candidate can register for a required practical lab exam.


  • VM – Virtual Machine
  • VNS – Virtualized Network Services
  • VRS – Virtual Routing and Switching
  • VRSG – Virtual Routing and Switching Gateway
  • VSC – Virtualized Services Controller
  • VSD – Virtualized Services Directory
  • VSG – Virtualized Services Gateway
  • VSP – Virtualized Services Platform

Nuage Networks Virtuoso (NNV) Certification

Master the complete set of end-to-end knowledge, skills, and best practices for planning and implementing cloud-based solutions across datacenters and branch sites using innovative Nuage Networks SDN technology.

The table below summarizes the recommended courses and mandatory exam
requirements for each certification.


The following page explains the recertification process in detail: http://www.nuagenetworks.net/products/virtuoso-certification-program/vcp-certification/recertification/