Cloud service providers

Build an open, elastic and highly secure datacenter network with our SDN

The Challenge

Cloud service providers are trying to address the demands of their tech-savvy customers while remaining cost competitive with industry giants. Your specific challenges revolve around a few themes:

  • Multitenant support. To support enterprise customers, you need solutions that offer not only multitenant capabilities but also the ability to build a hierarchy within tenant capabilities (for example, company then division or group).

  • Broad environment support. To gain efficiencies of scale and cost, you must support a broad range of hardware platforms, virtualization environments, and CMS platforms.

  • Scale: You must deal with scale issues beyond what is provided by most enterprise hardware and/or software products.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Cloud Service Providers

Deliver advanced multitenant capabilities

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) offers features such as VXLAN for the secure sharing of shared networks. Our SDN solution was explicitly architected to support multitenant service provider environments.

Keep your options open with the only product that provides full choice

Our network control plane is based on the industry standards that power the Internet today (such as BGP). By enabling you to select best-of-breed products for Cloud Management Software (CMS), virtualization, core networking, load balancers, firewalls, and more, we break vendor lock-in.

Scale to service provider levels

Via supporting controller federation, our SDN products scale-out to master even the size of networks operated by the largest cloud service providers.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks VSP provides a Software Defined Networking approach that transforms the way networks are built and managed. By providing unified networking across CMS platforms, hypervisors, hardware and datacenters, our solution ensures that you can gain the efficiencies of scale and cost needed to compete. With our robust multitenant support, you can meet the network and security needs of even the most complex enterprise customers.

Your network becomes as efficient and flexible as your virtualization and cloud infrastructure. You can use Nuage Network’s REST API to integrate your products readily into the network. Most importantly, Nuage Networks has proven, highly-scalable deployments with global service providers.

Nuage Networks also provides the security that is critical for cloud service providers. Information security rules are implemented from your centralized management systems and enforced into the network to ensure the integrity and security of your business information.

Proof Positive

Cloud Services Provider Redefines Public Cloud for China

The company’s mission is to provide a public cloud that will work for small-to- medium business (SMB) all the way to large enterprises. The company’s existing cloud services — based on Apache CloudStackTM software — could not achieve the scale, both in terms of resources and operations, envisioned for this effort. The company selected Nuage Networks for the core automation capabilities of the Nuage Networks VSP; for the ability to resolve core networking performance, scalability and isolation challenges; and for support of the overall environment needed today and in the future. The company architected a public cloud that combines staggering scale with complete end-user controllability.

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