Telecommunications Service Providers

Leverage your network advantages to build leading-edge cloud services with our SDN.

The Challenge

Your customers want instant access to their chosen applications — anytime, anywhere — and they expect cloud services to meet their needs. You have probably already invested in cloud datacenter technologies to enable cloud services.

Unfortunately, the pure datacenter market is extremely competitive with both local and global players aggressively targeting your customers. You need to be able to build services that help you stand out from competitors to safeguard your current customer base and grow into new markets.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Telecommunications Service Providers

Premium VPN to data center extension across your existing network

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is an advanced SDN platform that is compatible with the industry-leading IP and IP/MPLS protocols. With our solution you benefit from seamless interworking from the core of your datacenter to your existing Provider Edge routers.

Provide end-to-end cloud services delivery

The move to the cloud is only as good as the network that links the enterprise to its cloud-based applications. With your carrier grade IP/MPLS network and premium VPN services, you have the key enabler to deliver a superior cloud experience for your customers.

Drive multi-tenancy of your datacenter assets

Nuage Networks VSP fully virtualizes and automates any datacenter networking infrastructure, transforming it into a reflexive environment that instantaneously establishes the network connections to thousands of VPN services in a policy-driven manner. Our solution will help you maximize your ROI in datacenter infrastructure while improving your VPN services as enterprises move to the cloud.

How We Help You

You have a distinct advantage over the majority of the competition with your largest assets – your extensive network reach and your state-of-the-art IP/MPLS network. The next step is to leverage those assets to provide seamless connections into your data centers at the pace that your customers require.

Nuage Networks VSP seamlessly extends the network from your datacenter directly into your premium data VPN services. Nuage Networks VSP was developed specifically to take advantage of the benefits of Software Defined Networking. It natively talks the IP and MPLS language used in your IP-VPN and Carrier Ethernet service products. This means your customers can consume your datacenter compute assets and have any new IT application they deploy instantly added to their private network service. The process is completely automatic and securely provisioned by our solution.

To the customer, your datacenter offerings are inherently part of your premium VPN service portfolio with an unconstrained connectivity path between the datacenter and their branch locations. This fully integrated cloud service provides a significant market differentiator from standalone datacenter operators.

Proof Positive

Nuage Networks holistic approach to SDN encourages integration of cloud and other network services

“The term “SDN” has different meanings for various groups. However, with Nuage Networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy seems to be taking a bigger, more holistic approach, in essence redefining how both carrier and enterprise networks are built. In my view, Nuage Networks will allow operators to incorporate, operate, and provision data center cloud services as an integral part of their network services, rather than as an “attachment” to their network.” Michael Howard, Principal Analyst & Co-Founder, Infonetics Research.

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