Virtualized Network Services

The Cloud Network Unbound: Extending private cloud services to branch offices

From Zero to Hero with SD-WAN

Check out how John implements an SD-WAN at a remote construction site in minutes. You’ll see how easily you can enhance enterprise customers’ service offerings with a VPN designed for the cloud. Why not make Nuage Networks VNS solution’s policy-driven network automation your secret weapon?

Be the Hero

Nuage Networks™ leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) to create solutions that unleash the power of the cloud. With Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS), you can offer enterprise customers seamless networking between their datacenters and branch offices.

Today, there is little cohesion within the enterprises’ networking environment:

  • The datacenter has its own networking environment and drives the placement and responsiveness of business applications.
  • The wide area network provides connectivity between the datacenter and branch locations.

To experience the full power of the cloud, your customers need seamless connectivity that’s flexible and dynamic across both domains.

Enhance your service offerings with a private network service designed for the cloud

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) is a complementary service to your existing IP and Carrier Ethernet (CE) VPN services. However unlike those VPN services, Nuage Networks VNS was specifically developed to serve enterprises that are adopting a cloud-based IT consumption model.

Nuage Networks VNS aligns the network service to the needs of the enterprise and provides the flexibility to deliver an unconstrained network experience that matches the dynamic cloud environment.

Traditional VPN services are tightly connected to a dedicated network infrastructure. Nuage Networks VNS is based on an overlay model that uses any IP network to provide connectivity between sites, including your existing VPN, fixed broadband or mobile broadband. This gives your customers maximum flexibility and the option to choose from available access/last-mile technologies including copper, fiber or wireless.

Nuage Networks VNS Components

Virtualized Services Directory (VSD)

The centralized policy engine, which defines, deploys and enforces the overall Nuage Networks VNS solution's capability and delivers advanced service capabilities via a Network Functions Store.

Virtualized Services Controller (VSC)

The network controller programs the customer premises equipment with the network overlay paths to form the topology for Nuage Networks VNS.

Network Services Gateway (NSG)

The gateway provides service demarcation and network functionality at the branch, based on the x86 COTS hardware.

NSG-P: Physical Network Services Gateway (Nuage Networks provided x86 hardware)
NSG-V: Virtualized Network Services Gateway (customer provided x86 server).

Bankable business benefits

With Nuage Networks VNS, both you and your customers benefits from cost savings and efficiency advantages. Automation and self-care help you both lower operational costs. Enterprises gain a network that is tailored to their unique needs, without incurring the costs and complexities of a customized network. You benefit from reduced churn, thanks to increased customer satisfaction and the addition of a differentiating service to your portfolio. You also expand your addressable market to include unmanaged IP-VPN customers.

Support for multiple deployment models

Nuage Networks VNS only requires IP connectivity to operate, so there are many network infrastructure options that can be used to provide the service. These options can be segmented into two main types with the flexibility to mix and match to meet customer opportunities:

  • Shared IP transport (Internet or private IP)
  • Dedicated IP transport (IP-VPN, CE-VPN) networks

Depending on the underlay IP service type there are traffic forwarding characteristics that you can promote to provide a scaled pricing model for customers.

Increased service footprint and provisioning efficiencies

Nuage Networks VNS separates customer service from the underlying network infrastructure. Rather than being vertically integrated to a dedicated set of network hardware (PE routers) and an associated OSS environment, Nuage Networks VNS runs as an overlay service over any available underlay IP network within your footprint. So you can deploy Nuage Networks VNS anywhere IP connectivity can be deployed. You can also extend to your mobile and residential broadband networks, or any adjacent networks available from your partners.

Service provisioning costs are significantly reduced with Nuage Networks VNS through a centrally managed self-service portal and policy management functions. The service portal can be used for everything from initial deployment to VPN site moves, adds and changes and even service-wide policy changes and advanced networking functions such as firewalling policies.

Customer empowerment

Enterprises have complete control of their services without the overhead of a large and highly skilled network team. This empowerment is delivered through the functionality of the central policy engine, the Virtualized Services Directory. Through the self-serve portal, enterprises can make any change to their overall service, any location-specific changes, and changes to add or remove sites.

The ability to service their own requirements is a top priority for enterprises. With Nuage Networks VNS, the customer experience for service ordering and changes is completely handled through an online offering.

Flexibility inherent in x86-based endpoints

The software images for Nuage Networks VNS are developed to run on the widest range of x86-based hardware platforms to drive maximum utilization of available compute and memory resources. The service capability is independent of the brand and model of the deployed customer premises equipment. With the choice of x86 form-factor and manufacturer open to a competitive procurement model, you have complete flexibility in the supply chain.

By selecting an x86-based network endpoint, Nuage Networks VNS provides the foundation to innovate the service functions independently to the physical hardware. As new network features are developed, they can simply be added to the customer’s selected image. In the future, this will include the option of implementing third-party functions in virtual application containers or allowing for customer-created virtual functions.