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Selling and using SD-WAN, a customer’s perspective

I recently caught up with one of our customers from Globe Telecom in the Philippines for a podcast hosted by TechWire Asia. Together Peter Maquera, the Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Group at Globe Telecom and I discussed their implementation of Nuage Networks from Nokia SD-WAN solution as the platform for their managed SD-WAN service.

The conversation was interesting in that it provided me with an insight into how the market and business drivers for SD-WAN had changed over the last three and a half years.

Globe Telecom was the first Service Provider in the Philippines, and one of the leaders in the Asia Pacific region to launch a Service Provider managed SD-WAN service back in 2018 for their enterprise customers.

Globe has been successful with their managed SD-WAN service with Peter mentioning that it’s been applicable to a wide range of enterprise businesses across the Philippines. All the way from service stations to retail stores and coffee shop franchises to manufacturing sites and even bank branches.

Peter has a unique perspective on SD-WAN in that not only does his team sell managed SD-WAN to their enterprise customers, but that Peter, as the business owner of the enterprise side of Globe, owns their retail stores and has rolled SD-WAN into his 150 or so Globe retail locations.

His insights backup up the trends being seen around the world in that SD-WAN has evolved from purely a way to link branches together to the technology that enables the rollout of cloud-based IT applications.

For many of his enterprise customers, they are moving at pace to digitalize as much of their business environment as they can, and this is where SD-WAN provides its maximum set of benefits.

Listen to Peter and I on the ‘Tech means Business’ podcast from Techwire Asia here: Talking Software-Defined Networking with Nuage Networks – Tech Wire Asia

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