Lifting the Cloud Over SDN: A LightReading Blog by Sunil Khandekar

 A Blog by Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, an Alcatel-Lucent venture. Also posted on LightReading. Software-defined networking (SDN) must be magic. Why else would researchers, educators, vendors, customers — practically everyone and anyone connected to the networking industry — be so high on SDN? The answer, of course, lies in the promise of SDN.

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Blog: At Nuage Networks, We Eat Our Own Dog Food by B. Van De Walle

A blog by Bernard Van De Walle At Nuage Networks, we use a large cluster of machines for R&D and for various day-to-day operations.  This means that we face some of the same challenges as most of our customers experience when it comes to operationalizing our internal data center. One of my frequent and nearly

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Blog Series Part I: A View of Policy Enforcement Within A Data Center

A Blog by Sashi Sastry Hmmm..Yes, we designed it this way As a relatively new Nuage employee, I was thrilled to have stumbled upon the great finding that VSD supports multilayer compliance enforcement. Very quickly, my esteemed colleagues informed me that ‘Yes, indeed we designed it this way.’ The definition of roles and responsibilities is

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