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Helion in the Land of the Rising Sun

As the Openstack community converges on Tokyo this week, much of the discussion is about operationalizing Openstack in growing production environments. Enterprise deployments stretch across datacenters and require all of the flexibility, automation and freedom of choice that has been promised, without compromising operational control and visibility over resources and workloads throughout the infrastructure.

Against that backdrop, how appropriate is it that HP would announce the availability o [...]


Nuage Networks keeps vendor lock-in out with expanded partnerships and new certification program

Today, in conjunction with the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, Nuage Networks is announcing the addition of several new ecosystem partners that can be folded into virtual networks orchestrated by our Virtualized Services Platform (VSP). Along with these new security partners, Nuage is announcing a Solution Certification program that will ensure the interoperability of third party appliances and virtual solutions with the Nuage Networks SDN platforms.

The first security partner solutions to be cert [...]


Nuage Networks VSP: Virtual Networking and SDN Infrastructure for Containers

Arguably, the hottest trend in cloud today is containers, a foundational technology for server virtualization and cloud application deployments.
The key advantage containers have over the more traditional hypervisor and virtual machine-based approach is that each container workload can share a host OS, rather than each virtual machine having it’s own host or guest OS image. A virtual machine takes up considerably more space in memory, and takes more time (minutes rather than fractions of seco [...]


Nuage Networks Professional Services + Red Hat Consulting: Your ‘must-have’ navigation tool for IT transformation to SDN-enabled hybrid cloud solutions

Guest blog by Chadie Ghadie, Director, Professional Services PLM, Nuage Networks and Tom Anderson, Director, North American Cloud Practice, Red Hat

Having spoken to many customers in the last year, a common message we hear is that enterprise IT is becoming increasingly complicated with multiple inter-working systems. This is the nature of how these systems were built over multiple years, or cobbled together following mergers or acquisitions.

With the shift to cloud, these IT systems have b [...]

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Give a little, and Git a lot!

Yesterday, as part of Tech Field Day NFD10, we announced a new community project to allow developers and our customers to customize the Nuage Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) to their environments. Through this github collaboration, custom scripts for network automation, control or visibility can be developed and shared by our customer community.

Through the vspk (Nuage VSP SDK), Nuage users can

Download the latest & most useful tools to make their Nuage experience as smooth as [...]

OpenStack SV Blog Promo

Grappling with Containers—Do We Have to Change Everything?

It’s great to be coming back to OpenStack Silicon Valley for another year. This conference has been a good opportunity for the OpenStack community to get together in a smaller venue than the summits. Thanks to Mirantis for organizing it again. For those of us who have feet in both the OpenStack development and the community worlds, it’s also nice to be able to focus on just the community and the ecosystem as compared to the split brain of the summits.

The focus this year is on containers [...]


Want to lead in the fiercely competitive financial services market? Invest in open, hybrid clouds with SDN

Guest blog by Johnray Fuller, Solutions Architect, Red Hat and Senad Palislamovic, Director, Systems Engineering, Nuage Networks

Perhaps no vertical illustrates volatility and global competitiveness better than the financial services industry. The global recession has taken its toll; slow growth, customer distrust and a more aggressive regulatory environment. Financial services companies need modern technologies that foster dynamic business operations—technologies like open, hybrid clouds w [...]

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What’s A SDN Platform, Really?

Blurred Lines

I’ve managed, marketed, and implemented quite a few application and infrastructure offerings in the course of my career. This varied set of experiences has taught me that the line between a robust product and a true platform can be fuzzy.

For example, it’s frequently difficult to tell if a given offering is a product dressed as a platform or a platform that’s dressed as a product. Similarly, it’s hard to figure out if an offering is a true Software Defined Networking [...]

Red Hat Nuage Telco Blog

Giving telcos the dynamic infrastructure they need to underpin hybrid clouds

Guest blog by Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, Virtualization, Red Hat and Charles Ferland, Vice President, Business Development, Nuage Networks

Cloud has won the hearts and minds of enterprise IT shops across industries, and they’re looking for next-generation telecommunications services to support these cloud computing environments. As such, telecommunications providers need to embrace the distributed nature of cloud-based service offerings, to launch network services targeted for c [...]


“Libnetwork” is License to Hyper Scale for Docker and SDN

Virtualization brought significant changes in networking by moving the edge of the network in the server itself. This led to a significant increase of network endpoints and new requirements for the network in terms of provisioning for both speed and flexibility. To a certain extent the ideas of virtualization and cloud gave birth to the whole notion of software defined networking (SDN) since the network needed to keep up with the deployment speeds of virtual machines (VMs).

Docker and microse [...]

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