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Overcome OpenStack Networking Challenges with Nuage Networks VSP

We often get asked why you need an SDN virtual networking solution like Nuage Networks if you are planning on building an OpenStack cloud. In theory, OpenStack includes native virtual networking capability, right? Well, this blog post is mean to address this fundamental issue, and show where Nuage really adds value to any of the myriad different OpenStack distributions that are out there.

OpenStack is an open source cloud management system (CMS) that allows cloud providers and enterprises to [...]

SDN with Underlay – Overlay visibility via VSAP

When using virtualization of any kind you introduce a layer of abstraction that people in operations need to deal with. For example, if you run a couple of virtual machines on a physical server you need to be able to understand the impact that changes (or failures) in one layer have on the other. The same is true for network virtualization. We need to be able to understand the impact that a failure of a physical router port, e.g., has on the overlay virtual network.

To make this possible wit [...]

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More on Docker Containers Support in Nuage Networks VSP

In an earlier blog, I gave a brief overview how Nuage Networks Virtual Services Platform (VSP) supports Docker containers in our SDN overlay networks. We’ve just released a new white paper, which goes into more detail for those wanting a clearer picture.

As a refresher: While virtual machine (VM) technology has matured greatly over the last decade, a new form of server virtualization, called “containers” is rapidly increasing in popularity. Containers promise to accelerate application d [...]

SDN and Microsegmentation: Automating Network Security Policies

There are many use cases, deployment scenarios and benefits from an SDN-enabled datacenter, but perhaps the most common driver for SDN deployments today is security. While SDN has always delivered policy-based automation for network devices, applying the same techniques to multi-tenant cloud environments is a more urgent requirement because security policies (compared to network policies) are likely more complex, more application-specific, change more frequently, and encompass a wider range of d [...]

Policy-based Abstractions in the Nuage Networks SDN System

[Note: The following post was created by Filip Verloy (@filipv), Technical Business Development Manager at Nuage Networks, based in Antwerp, Belgium. Filip provides an excellent demonstration of how application networks and policies can easily be built in the Nuage Networks VSP system. The post originally appeared on his technical blog here.]

As I’m sure you’re tired of hearing by now, IT is typically divided in multiple silos which don’t always see eye to eye. Sometimes people are af [...]


Nuage Networks Teams Up to Deliver SDN Across Cumulus Linux Open Networking Environments

Nuage Networks is announcing an exciting new product integration with Cumulus Networks, a leading cloud networking vendor with a Linux network operating system (Cumulus Linux) that runs on white box switching hardware. With over one million ports in production, Cumulus Networks helps organizations of all sizes realize the promise of the SDN-enabled datacenter by enabling high-capacity networks that are easy to deploy and scale affordably. Cumulus Networks offers hardware-accelerated Linux networ [...]

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Get hassle-free multi-vendor IT support: Nuage Networks joins TSANet alliance

Your company is embracing the cloud to drive new business capabilities and efficiencies to your IT organization. In these new cloud platforms, there are many interconnected systems and IT functions that support one another. You are now looking to your cloud vendors to ensure that your new business-dependent cloud platform is not compromised.

Underpinning these cloud platforms is a software-defined network (SDN) that connects all of these systems. At Nuage Networks, we have deployed our SDN p [...]


Smarter Networks: Nuage Networks & SD-WAN (Part 2)

This is a two-part post – Part 1 introduces challenges of traditional WAN’s and Part 2 (this post) describes Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN

Traditional WAN’s hinder business operation and don’t meet the demands of today’s applications. A new emerging WAN architecture called SD-WAN replaces existing WAN’s with a business aware approach to networking. This approach is now thoroughly adopted by Nuage Networks and their SD-WAN solution is solving the limitati [...]

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Smarter Networks: Nuage Networks & SD-WAN (Part I)

This is a two-part post – Part 1 (this post) introduces the challenges of traditional WAN’s and Part 2 describes Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution.

It’s a 24/7 connected world and traffic diversity is putting the Wide Area Network (WAN) edge to the test. Today’s applications should not be hindered by underlying network issues or a poorly designed WAN. The business requires designers to find a better way to manage the WAN by adding intelligence with improved flow management, visibility, a [...]

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HP Helion Blog

Helion in the Land of the Rising Sun

As the Openstack community converges on Tokyo this week, much of the discussion is about operationalizing Openstack in growing production environments. Enterprise deployments stretch across datacenters and require all of the flexibility, automation and freedom of choice that has been promised, without compromising operational control and visibility over resources and workloads throughout the infrastructure.

Against that backdrop, how appropriate is it that HP would announce the availability o [...]

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