Reconciling Networking Layers--Why Visibility Between Overlays And Underlays Is Important

I talk a lot about how fabrics are helping organizations be more agile and chase the innovation that is the lifeblood for survival. While innovation is a business requirement, all too often technology is the blocker to faster and more attainable innovation.

In recent years, we have seen how cloud computing, and in particular the notions of storage and compute delivered as a service can greatly increase the pace at which organizations can innovate. Instead of being constrained by the physical requirements to “rack and stack” hardware, servers and storage can be delivered programmatically.

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Docker + Ironic: Match made in heaven

Docker and Ironic: A Match Made in Heaven

Docker and Containers are taking the application development world by storm, but with all of their benefits there are some limitations and challenges. One key challenge is security between containers, especially when those containers are in different security zones. The early adopters of containers at scale (e.g. Google, Twitter, Apple) have fairly consistent security requirements across their applications. In areas like Financial Services and Medical Records, companies have widely different sec [...]

ONUG TFD Extra Spring 2015

Don’t Shortchange the Overlay Optimistic – Takeaways from ONUG

Whether you’re overlay optimistic or overlay pessimistic about the way datacenter networks are going to evolve, there was a lot of proof in the virtual pudding at the recently concluded Open Networking User Group (ONUG) meeting in the Big Apple. The Overlay Working Group had issued their 2015 testplan challenge, and the results of their testing were published & discussed last week.

Admittedly and firmly among the Overlay optimistic, I see clearly now the leading indicators for a real sh [...]

Hello World: Introducing OpenStack DevOps Cloud Reference Architecture

Nuage Networks first shipped Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) in 2013.  Since then, VSP has been operational in some of the largest data centers around the world, making the cloud “real” by making the network as accessible and fungible as the compute side of the house.

OpenStack powers the cloud orchestration layer in most of our installations.  And, to meet our customers’ networking needs, we have been busy building a partner ecosystem.  Among other functionality, we have deploy [...]


It’s Overlay O’clock ! Do You Know Where Your Packets Are?

Some time ago, we discussed the principles of overlay networks and the design requirements for the physical infrastructure that can support such networks. As discussed in this blog, almost every communication channel we have today is indeed using one or more overlays - IP over Ethernet, IP over Optics, Wireless access over GRE tunnels over IP over Optics etc.

The idea of decoupling services from core networks, maintaining a simple core and pushing intelligence at the edge has been fundamental [...]


We Can See Clearly Now

Imagine driving on a humid rainy day with the windows of your car fogging repeatedly. When time and safety are of the essence, this quickly becomes more than a nuisance. Especially in situations of busy traffic and rapidly changing road conditions, visibility is critical.

A leading indicator of the real adoption of private clouds by demanding enterprises is that the same observation is being made. Safely and productively expanding private cloud deployments often means breaking through an oper [...]

Nuage Networks at Connect Melbourne

Getting Connected in Melbourne

Last week I attended Australia’s largest technology expo in Melbourne Australia. The show was called Connect Expo and it brought eleven diverse technology areas under the same roof. Attendees could listen to world experts on such topics as cloud, big data, future health, connected education, digital marketing and UAV/drones…well I did say diverse… and I can vouch that if you put a drone the size of a car in a booth you generate a lot of foot traffic.

Nuage Networks supported the event w [...]


Adding mobility to your cloud

I have just returned from presenting at the China SDN/NFV conference for the second time. In 2013, I remember explaining Software Defined Networking (SDN) and what it meant for the future of our industry. Two years later, my subject is very advanced which in many ways reflects the speed at which our customers have accepted & deployed this technology.

This year’s talk focused on workloads mobility and how they can dynamically consume network resources regardless of their location (or bor [...]


The SDN mindshift

Software Defined Networking (SDN), the big buzz of the moment in enterprise networking, is defined as creating a layer of abstraction, providing greater management flexibility and lower operational costs.

Traditional enterprise network environments that resist change further exacerbate the problem of operational complexity, which is a key challenge, as the data centre becomes increasingly complex. According to IDC, this is the key reason that enterprises are so keen to leverage the capabil [...]


What’s up with the datacentre network?

We are in the midst of a transition in IT. Over the last couple of years the cloud has morphed from a disruptive technology on the periphery of IT into the mainstream.

Business competitive advantage these days is dictated by swiftness and agility, increasingly around business-driven applications that attain this advantage in the marketplace. This new edge is being pushed hard by enterprises that are adopting web-scale capabilities through software, drawing them into their inherent business pr [...]

Nuage Networks CloudStack Day Austin

A Case for CloudStack – Enterprise-hardened Stack is Now Public Cloud Ready

Here at Nuage Networks, our philosophy is to enable Enterprises and Service Providers to build clouds without being limited by the network. So, we are proud to support Apache CloudStackTM and are, as far as I’ve seen, the only major Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor with full support to date.

To summarize the official CloudStack history page, the original code base was contributed by Citrix. As a result, multiple customers and partners have attested that the code is well-suited to En [...]

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