Blog: How Nuage Networks is Taking SDN from Hype to Production

    Watch the session recording here! Software Defined Networking has probably had its fair share of hype since last year’s VMworld. While many may feel that SDN is still in a hype cycle, in the last year Nuage Networks has seen beefy SDN deployments at both Fortune 500 Enterprises and Service Providers around the

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SDNCentral Blog: SDN – Right Here, Right Now by CEO, Sunil Khandekar

  Blog by Nuage Networks CEO, Sunil Khandekar, as posted on SDNCentral. Recently Nuage Networks in collaboration with SDNCentral launched a set of fun and interesting videos explaining the problems that todays move to the cloud was amassing on the existing data center and wide area networks. We chose a unique format to deliver this

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Why SDN: Pony Tailed Network Administrators. A Blog by Michael Williams

Among the many businesses as well as technology companies that I have worked with or for, one key assumption is taken for granted: highly-skilled (and typically pony-tailed) network experts are scarce today and predictably getting scarcer year by year. As a result, many companies report that network changes take in the order of weeks to

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