What a Difference a Plug-in Makes by Jeroen van Bemmel

I work for Nuage Networks and we recently announced an integration of our Openstack Neutron plug-in with Oracle Linux and Oracle Openstack. A key question arrived via Twitter: What is so special about this plug-in? First of all, plug-ins are a mechanism to provide different vendor specific implementations of the same basic functionality / interface.

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Blog: Nuage Networks and Oracle OpenStack

I am “advertising averse.”  I use DVRs to blast through promotional material and am a paying customer of AdBlock, which I use all of my browsers.  That’s another way of saying that I am not your regular product shill. If I am vouching for something, it is because it is worthwhile. Recently Nuage Networks and

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It’s Time to Meet Hussein Khazaal!

I am Hussein Khazaal, a member of the Nuage Networks Business Development team responsible for building an ecosystem of partners that share our goal of providing IT organizations with innovative, easy-to-use, open networking solutions that meet their current and future needs without compromising the security, performance or scalability of their services and applications. I have

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