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BT Global Services Launches New Agile Connect SD-WAN service based on Nuage Networks VNS

As anticipated since we first announced our partnership with BT Global Services to create a next-generation cloud-based SD-WAN service, BT announced this week the launch of this service and its availability to global customers. Equipment for the new service, named Agile Connect, is currently live within the networks of several large global organizations and is now ready for volume deployment for existing and new customers. This represents an important milestone in our partnership with BT, after several months of joint development, integration into to the BT network infrastructure and a range of joint go-to-market activities globally.

Agile Connect is part of their Dynamic Network Services cloud services portfolio, which brings together BT’s global network infrastructure with the latest cloud technologies, including SDN, and network function virtualization (NFV). Customers using this new service will benefit from far greater control and understanding of their infrastructure and traffic flows, a much faster, simpler and more secure way of setting up new sites, reduced network complexity and lower costs.

BT’s SD-WAN service will be based on Nuage Networks’ Virtualized Network Services (VNS)VNS shares a common SDN controller and policy repository with the datacenter-oriented Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS), making it uniquely end-to-end compared to other SDN or SD-WAN vendors. The genesis of Nuage Networks VNS from a carrier-grade SDN network automation solution provides several advantages over other legacy WAN solutions and some new SD-WAN point solutions, that have been largely tailored for the mid-market. These advantages include: greater scale, greater flexibility, multi-tenancy, along with NFV capabilities and advanced security features.


BT’s cloud vision aligns with Nuage Networks by planning to offer a wide range of software-defined services that will make it easier, faster and more cost-effective to move to a cloud-based IT consumption model (e.g., self-service, on-demand, efficient resource utilization, and policy-driven). The SD-WAN services delivered within Agile Connect will include self-service VPN, flexible bandwidth, virtual services (Network Function Virtualization, or NFV), and more.

Agile Connect is initially delivered as a single box located on the edge of the customer’s network, with further services added as additional devices.  Later, Agile Connect will support virtual network functions (VNFs), with new services deployed virtually to the Agile Connect device, removing the need to install multiple boxes. The service can also be used to aggregate network connections, bringing together services from different providers and different network types. This feature is particularly valuable for companies integrating networks following a merger or acquisition.

Net-net: Nuage Networks is gaining an important go-to-market partner through BT to bring our technology to enterprises globally. When coupled with other services offerings available in BT’s portfolio, we expect customers will achieve significant additional value. We also consider this a strong validation of our own product vision and strategy.

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