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The “Next Big Thing” in Data Center Networking is Already Here by Hussein Khazaal

The world is rapidly changing and its forcing all of us, individuals as well as businesses to adapt quickly. In fact, businesses need to not only adapt to change but also anticipate and be ready for it or risk losing to the competition.

One area that is seeing a lot of change, is IT services and applications. The majority of  organizations today view IT and IT infrastructure as fundamental to the success of their business. The increasing demand from end-users for better and faster applications and services is causing IT infrastructures to be more complex and more expensive than ever before. This is not sustainable and will eventually reach the point of diminishing returns if left unchecked.

A number of traditional vendors are adding more options to existing solutions to offer businesses a way to address some of the challenges they are facing today. These options are leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), which are the only way forward. Unfortunately, IT organizations are left with choosing between two “closed” solutions that either involve investing in additional hardware or expensive software that has a number of limitations. Both solutions may be suitable if you are trying to “cope” with change, but neither option is good in the long-run, especially if you want to be able to anticipate change and prepare for it.

Today, everyone wants to do things simpler, faster and cheaper. That is what businesses want the “Next Big Thing” to deliver and I believe that the Nuage Networks Virtualised Services Platform is doing just that. The solution was designed with “openness” in-mind, where it works with any hypervisor, switch and multiple cloud management systems. At its core, it leverages a mature routing/switching platform that has been hardened in Service Provider networks for over a decade. Most importantly, it offers application and service developers a simple interface with a truly abstract view of the network that empowers them to deploy applications faster than ever before on virtual or physical servers located on-premise, off-premise or in a hybrid environment.

“The Next Big Thing” is Nuage Networks’ Virtualized Services Platform and it is already here. Don’t take my word for it, read about it here and watch our demonstration videos of our 3.0 release here.

Let us help you become a leader for change.

Contact Hussein Khazaal on Twitter here.

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