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Don’t Let Your SDN Roll Over

I grew up “4-wheeling” in the deserts of southern New Mexico. A dedicated 4-wheeler will tell you that every vehicle has a threshold for a sideways rollover. And, it’s usually different from what the books say. Many drivers have scars from finding their vehicle’s threshold!

When you implement Software Defined Networking / Overlay Virtual Networks into an Enterprise or Service Provider environment without designing for scalability, it’s like hitting the dunes without knowing your vehicle. By the time that you know it, your network is down – or worse yet, compromised by bad guys – and your phone lines are lit up like a string of holiday lights!

To help virtualization and network experts create highly scalable overlay virtual networks (as in thousands of hosts and hundreds of thousands of virtual machines or Docker containers), industry expert Ivan Pepelnjak and Nuage Networks own Dimitri Stiliadis delivered and recorded a webinar session for replay. Other topics discussed include security challenges that arise at scale for both public and private clouds. Further, guidelines based on real-world experience were discussed.

The recorded webinar is intended for virtualization and network experts who design and manage highly complex and scalable environments. It’s rare to get access to this kind of deep technical expertise at all, much less for free! And, you get to learn from the convenience of your own office. I wish I had this kind of information on vehicles back in the day – I might have spent less time in the emergency room!

Cost: Free!

Slides and Replay Information:

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