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A New Year Brings More SDN Learning with Nuage Networks Virtuoso 2.0

We’re taking another step towards making the Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program (VCP) the industry’s premier SDN certification with a major release of courses, exams and other learning materials in early 2018.

Some of the new course material we’re introducing includes the VNS Operations course (available early Q2) and updates to existing courses, with a focus on new platform capabilities such as VSS (Virtualized Security Services) and many more. In Q3 of this year, we will also release the Advanced VNS topics course, which is another key addition to the full Virtuoso portfolio of courses and exams. To help you reach your certification goals, the team will be adding practice exam questions to help you prepare for your written exams.

Building a good understanding of, and competency with new technologies like SDN and NFV only comes with actual hands-on experience. That’s why we’ve always made hands-on activities and resources a prominent component of the VCP since its inception. VCP courses allocate over 50% of the time to lab exercises and we continue to add other opportunities for you to practice with resources like MyNuageNetworksLab. To verify your practical competencies, we’re adding two lab exams for the VCP Expert certifications – NN Expert SD-DC and NN Expert SD-WAN. These 3 and a half hour exams validate your practical knowledge and expertise with the Nuage Networks VSP.

Visit the Nuage Networks website for the current schedule of VCP courses, or to book a live SDN experience with MyNuageNetworksLab. Invest in yourself – move forward on the path to an SDN certification today!

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