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Yes, Oracle DBAs Care About Networking (and Oracle OpenStack) – Part II of II

In many ways, blogs are like country music. There is one theme per song – typically the truck breaks, the dog dies, or true love is found – and a few minutes to get the theme across. In blogs, you only get a few paragraphs to articulate how the industry is broken, how a particular technology dog won’t hunt, or how partner work can lead to great things! Which leads me to follow on the Part I blog with part II about Oracle and Nuage Networks. Nuage Networks’ SDN approach extends all the way up to the application level. Why do Oracle DBAs care? Simple: new applications that embed or interact with Oracle applications and infrastructure are typically multi-tier, are glued together by an IP-based network, and can be mind-bogglingly complex. How can this be simplified? By making the network respond to application requests – orchestrated by Oracle OpenStack.

Assume that an Oracle application needs to add a new Oracle virtual machine to handle additional load. Previously, this would mean lots of manual effort by the server team to define a new VM, manual assignment of the network and security definitions, followed by DBA work to copy over the Oracle application environment.

Viewing the figure above, the Oracle environment would make an application request for more processing power. Oracle OpenStack would then translate the request into separate server, network, and storage definitions needed. Nuage Networks Virtualized Systems Platform (VSP), our SDN platform, would fulfill the network needs, automatically and in tune with the Oracle environment.

“Sounds good, but does this really work in an Oracle environment?” is probably the thought running through the minds of every Oracle DBA reading this post. Good news: you don’t need to take my or Nuage Networks’ word. Just view the Oracle certifications that Nuage Networks received from Oracle:

I hope that this information leaves you feeling upbeat! If you’d like to read more, here are some backup announcements and commentary: Press ReleaseThe VAR Guy articleThis blog, part I

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Booth: #D3, Level 1

Virtualized Service Provider Product Demo. Take a look at the NFD8 session held in September! 

Monday, November 3

15:20 – 15:50

SUSE Booth C5

Nuage OpenStack Solution Presentation

Speaker: Amir Sharif, Business Development

Tuesday, November 4

10:45 – 11:05

Marketplace Theatre

Nuage Networks: Deployable Neutron Networking. A scalable enterprise ready solution for Neutron providing networking BM, VM and Container based environments.

Speaker: Scott Sneddon, Principal Solutions Architect

11:15 – 11:55

Room 212/213

Hybrid your Cloud with Numergy and Nuage


Erik Beauvalot, COO, Numergy

Fatoumata Caba, Network Platform Owner, Numergy

Maxime Terras, Network Expert, Numergy

12:05 – 12:45

Room 212/213

OpenStack Neutron and Private Clouds

Speaker: Jonas Vermeulen, Consulting Engineer

14:00 – 14:40

Room 212/213

Pets, Cattle and Herding Dogs


Dimitri Stiliadis, Founder & Chief Architect, Nuage Networks

Scott Sneddon, Principal Solutions Architect

Wednesday, November 5

16:30 – 17:10 – Salle Passe

BBVA Bank on OpenStack

Speaker: Chema Sanjose, Global Head of Innovation in Technology, BBVA

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