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A Software-Defined Approach to Networking and Security

In this episode of The New Stack Analysts, we look at how Nuage Networks is addressing container security through the use of Software Defined Networking (SDN).

To prepare our latest eBook: Networking, Security, and Storage with Docker and Containers, The New Stack founder Alex Williams and TNS eBook editor Benjamin Ball spoke with Nuage Networks Product Management and Marketing Leader Hari Krishnan and Nuage Networks Director of Product Line Management Harmeet Sahni.

the new stack analysts

When the rise of containers, there has been a significant increase in discussions surrounding to how to best manage one’s container-based infrastructure securely. Sahni explained that there is no “standard,” for orchestration platforms or containers just yet, with Nuage Networks taking an agnostic approach to how its customers use its platform. “We support the choices our customers make. We’re not saying X is better than Y,” Sahni said.

Read the full blog post and tune in to the podcast interview with Nuage Networks featured in Book 4 of The New Stack eBook series on the Docker and Container Ecosystem – Networking, Security & Storage with Docker & Containers.

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