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Software-defined insights for the cloud networking era

Aug 1, 2013

How Will IT Be Managed In a Cloudy World? OpenStack and SDN.

The cloud market has grown exponentially, both in terms of actual revenues and in terms…

Jul 16, 2013

Network Virtualization: Overlay and Underlay Design

Recently, there has been a plethora of blogs and discussions debating various issues around the viability…

Jun 21, 2013

Is SDN For Real? And If So, What Is It?

There is no question that SDN is the hot new technology that has suddenly made…

Apr 2, 2013

The Data Center Network Is Not In The Way Anymore!

IT has been undergoing a massive shift to the cloud for a few years now,…

Mar 26, 2013

L2 Network Virtualization: The Devil is in the Details

As we discussed in the previous blog, a network virtualization system must adhere to specific…

Aug 31, 2012

Network Virtualization – Terminology

As it is well known, the Popek-Goldberg virtualization theorems identify the sufficient conditions for a computer architecture…

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