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Nuage Networks Brings Data Centers and Enterprise Branch Offices Closer with SDN-Powered Virtualized Network Services

First in the industry to deliver consistent policy-driven network automation across enterprise locations, the wide area network, and cloud data centers


Basking Ridge, New Jersey – November 12, 2014 – Nuage Networks, the Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) venture focused on delivering innovative software defined networking (SDN) solutions, is to extend the benefits of SDN to branch locations anywhere.

Announced today at the 2014 Alcatel-Lucent Technology Symposium, Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) solution will help enterprises and service providers maximize the agility of IT infrastructures with instantaneous and secure network service delivery to remote locations over any network infrastructure.

VNS seamlessly extends the benefits of policy-driven network automation and application-friendly abstraction to branch locations, paving the way for a dramatically more responsive operational environment. Nuage Networks VNS speeds the deployment of new sites by a factor of ten, while reducing operational expenditures by over fifty percent.

While data centers are rapidly adopting more flexible and automated networking with SDN, branch architectures have remained largely unchanged for more than a decade. Branch offices are still stuck with expensive, complex, proprietary network equipment and slow, complex provisioning systems.

In extending its Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), Nuage Networks has taken a fresh approach to branch office networking that expands freedom of choice and offers a new operational model for delivering network services. Nuage Networks VNS can exploit and utilize both corporate WAN and Internet access bandwidth securely, to increase the range of application deployment options and reduce cost without compromising visibility and control. VNS enables the creation of templates that describe and manage the workflow of network services for any combination of applications in any cloud, and at any location. This automated network workflow delivers the right services, at the right time, to the right location, and ensures that it is error-free.

“We are excited about this latest innovation from Nuage Networks,” said Pascual de Juan, Global Head of Innovation in Technologies at BBVA Digital Bank. “Extending SDN network automation capabilities to BBVA cloud regions will allow us to turn up and adapt our network services in a far more timely and efficient way, streamlining operations and improving our agility by automating network connectivity and services in a policy-based fashion that aligns with our business objectives.”

Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nuage Networks, added: “With Nuage Networks VSP being increasingly recognized as the SDN platform of choice, the time has come for SDN to branch out beyond data centers, extending the capabilities of policy-based network automation and effortless connection to all business locations. Nuage Networks VNS can dramatically simplify the delivery and consumption of network services by and for the world’s leading enterprises.”

“As part of our business services portfolio, we are evaluating different deployment models to meet the expanding needs of our enterprise customers. We are looking towards network automation that is programmable and can be dynamically tailored to the unique business requirements of our customers,” said Drew Gilpin, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kordia New Zealand. “We applaud the extension of Nuage Networks SDN solution to include policy-driven network services to connect the enterprise branch to the cloud.”

While the industry has begun to acknowledge the gaps in traditional branch networking, alternatives only offer partial solutions focused on cloud-based management of CPE, cost-optimized premises equipment, or incremental security enhancements while largely propagating existing operational models. Nuage Networks VNS solution departs from the status quo with a cohesive end-to-end policy framework that spans from datacenters to branches anywhere, accompanied by a minimal-touch provisioning model for open CPE and network services across any cloud or network infrastructure.

By removing another networking constraint for the cloud, Nuage Networks VNS has made a significant leap in IT application delivery and workflow automation that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver network services where needed, when needed, and as needed. Enterprises or the service providers who serve them can define services with full control and visibility applied and managed over:

  • Any network with freedom of choice across on-net, off-net, and internet options
  • Any cloud with flexibility across private, public, and hybrid cloud options
  • Any form or deployment model with freedom of choice among open (x86) CPE platforms, software-based premise options, and hosted virtual CPE deployment models

“With its Virtualized Network Services (VNS), Nuage Networks offers enterprises a new operational model for delivering and consuming cloud services consistently from private & public data centers to their branch locations and distributed users,” said Brad Casemore, IDC. “Within this context, a comprehensive application-centric policy framework can significantly simplify today¹s complex networking workflows, deliver greater agility, and result in compelling OPEX savings.”

The Nuage Networks VNS solution consists of the industry leading Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) working in concert with any open array of compute platforms serving as customer premise equipment (CPE) based on standard compute platforms. Nuage Networks VNS is in trials now and will be commercially available in Q1 2015.

To learn more about Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services, please visit Watch ACG’s Hot Seat on Nuage Networks VNS here. For more information on Nuage Networks, please visit, and follow us on @nuagenetworks.




Nu-âhj: From French, meaning ‘cloud’. Nuage Networks brings a unique combination of groundbreaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise to the enterprise and telecommunications industries. The Silicon Valley start up has applied radical new thinking to the problem of delivering massively scalable and highly programmable SDN solutions that provide effortless connection while meeting the needs of business-critical environments. Nuage Networks, backed by Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NTSE: ALU) an IP and ultra-broadband specialist, has the pedigree to serve the needs of the world’s biggest clouds. The cloud has made promises – Our mission is to help you realize them.

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