Smarter Networks: Nuage Networks & SD-WAN (Part 2)

This is a two-part post – Part 1 introduces challenges of traditional WAN’s and Part 2 (this post) describes Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN

Traditional WAN’s hinder business operation and don’t meet the demands of today’s applications. A new emerging WAN architecture called SD-WAN replaces existing WAN’s with a business aware approach to networking. This approach is now thoroughly adopted by Nuage Networks and their SD-WAN solution is solving the limitations of conventional WAN’s.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN offers a centralised solution, adding intelligence to the WAN in terms of forwarding, policy and monitoring. Nuage understands all the existing WAN pitfalls and their SD-WAN solution enables policy based traffic forwarding. If you make routing aware of the application you can steer traffic down different links based on business logic, not just on destination based forwarding.

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